The Growing Trend of an Online Career

The Growing Trend of an Online Career

Working online would have seemed like a half-baked dream just 10 years ago. Yet, it’s become a reality for lots of people. Digital jobs are now a serious business.

Improvements in technology have enabled this growth in online employment. Wifi access is instant and available in the home, as well as at cafes and restaurants. Laptops are light and portable, so you can work on the move. Managers and companies are realising the benefits of allowing their employees to work from home. Individuals are creating jobs for themselves. Working online is cost-effective and can be competitively productive.

As people and organisations gain confidence in this type of work, the online career as a whole gains fame. There are plenty of different roles available and the future is promising even more. Popular opportunities include online trading, copywriting, tutoring, virtual assistant jobs, online marketing and data entry. Let’s take a look at how some of them operate.

Online Trading

In the past, traders had to deposit their money at physical brokers’ offices. This hindered most people from investing in things like stocks. Recently, a new way of doing business has arisen in the form of online trading.  

Mobile applications and specialist websites have made it easy for anyone, including total beginners, to start trading. Thousands of financial products are available. If you are an amateur, you can train using trading platforms or with expert tutors. Depending on your skills and experience, you can potentially make profits. This is a career with a level of risk attached. Be sure you understand it fully, before choosing this path.


If you have excellent SEO skills and a good knowledge of search engine marketing (SEM) this could be an option. Optimise any site with rockstar content for SEO, for example. You could become a consultant, advising organizations on their digital marketing strategies. Another route is the community manager, who runs companies’ social media channels remotely. Certain positions are outsourced by brands who don’t have the expertise in-house. If you are skilled enough, you can do the job online.

Online Tutoring

Plenty of college, high school, mid school and elementary students are looking to take lessons through the internet. And, there are lots of websites waiting to connect you to them. Extend your teaching career from classrooms to computers. With your knowledge of a particular subject, you could be tutoring the next generation. Adult learners provide a second audience for tutors too.

Online Writing

This is probably the most common digital job people are aware of. Online copywriting has been in demand for a long time, so you might expect that it is a saturated market. However, there is a continuing rise in the need for content. New websites that require landing pages or blogs crop up every single day. This makes online writing a viable career path for many people. Having a college degree is not even always mandatory although it does help. You just need to have great writing skills.

Virtual Assistant

Have you ever been a personal assistant? Ever considered transferring your skills to the online realm? An office manager or an administrative assistant can use the internet to do the same job for various clients.

Data Entry

Data entry positions are required mostly in the retail, finance and insurance industries, among others. Attention to detail and accuracy is key for this. It’s not glamorous, but it could pay the bills or top up your income.  

Generally, businesses are becoming more flexible about where people work, and how they conduct their work. For this reason, employers are more open to the idea of hiring online workers.

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