The importance of having Personal Insurance

importance of personal insurance

Personal Insurance 

Unfortunately, it is a sad fact of life that bad things will happen. Perhaps you’ll get sick, or have to miss work due to unforeseen circumstances, you may even be in an accident. While we hope that you are fortunate enough to never have this happen, it’s always good to be prepared. That’s where personal insurance comes in. 

Most people will have heard of insurance, and probably even have cover on their home or car. This means that you pay a certain amount each month or year and in the event of an accident or a break in, your insurance company will pay out to help cover the cost of what was lost. Having insurance is a legal requirement on a car, and most people prefer the safety of having home insurance in the event of something that could cause damage to the house. 

Although most people will have some type of insurance, personal insurance is something that people don’t consider. Personal insurance is extremely important because it can protect you in the event that you become ill, have an accident or other unforeseen events. Rigby Financial can help by offering you some great personal insurance options. These can include death, disablement, loss of limb and other specified injuries. Their wonderful support team are happy to help you out with your needs and will be happy to go through all of the different policies available. 

Having personal insurance is important because it covers areas of your life which won’t be covered by any other type of insurance that you have. Getting the right cover means that your medical bills will also be covered, should you need them. This is one of the reasons that some people choose to purchase personal insurance. Although citizens of the UK are entitled to free healthcare on the NHS, have your own personal and medical insurance means that you won’t have to worry about waiting times and are often seen in more private and comfortable conditions. 

Some personal insurance policies will cover these types of medical bills, should you choose to go private when dealing with an accident or illness. If you’re thinking that you’d rather go the private route than through the NHS then having insurance like this can help cover the costs. Other types of personal insurance – like that offered by Rigby Financial – means that if you are unable to work due to sickness or injury, you will get a small compensation for missing out on work. With Rigby Financial, weekly sickness payouts are usually are fixed sum and not related to earnings, so it’s worth finding out what you could be entitled to before buying. 

There are many other types of personal insurance out there. We’ve only covered accident and illness but you can also have insurance if you’re worth a lot of money. For those who have a high net worth, Rigby Financial offers insurance to make sure that your assets are taken care of. This includes multiple properties, antiques and collectibles, art work and boat cover. There are many more things that these policies can cover, and it’s worth checking out what they can offer you. They offer a tailor made service and policy for those with a high net worth, meaning that you rest easy knowing your assets are being looked after. 

None of us want to think about the bad things that happen in life, but by making sure you are prepared with personal insurance you can make sure that you have peace of mind. 

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