Tips When Travelling By Plane For The First Time

Travelling By Plane For The First Time

Travelling by plane for the first time can be a little daunting. As you get older, you become more fearful of things that would have been just as dangerous if not more dangerous back when you were a child. The statistics of a plane crashing is one in fifty-four million, so the odds are certainly in your favour. However, it’s good to be prepared, and so her are some tips when travelling by plane for the first time.

Arrive Early At The Airport

It’s always a good idea to arrive earlier than you usually would when you’re doing something for the first time. However, when you’re flying or travelling anywhere, it’s always good to arrive early to help you relax and to find your way around the airport, train station or whatever transport you would be taking. With an airport, there are lots of departure gates and areas in which you’ll need to navigate. Every airport is different in it’s layout too, so it’s good to arrive early to get the layout of the place and where you’ll need to go. For flights where you’ve checked in already, you only really need to get there a couple of hours before. If you haven’t checked in, then you should probably be there a few hours early and to factor in travel time on top of that. It seems excessive, but time moves fairly quickly, and there may be queues for checking in.

Have Your Travel Documents To Hand

You’ll like have the hand luggage that you can take on board with you. It’s always good to have your travel documents easy to hand when you’re travelling through the airport. There’s going to points where you need to have your boarding pass ready and also times when you need the passport. If you’ve not checked in, then you’ll want to have your passport ready. This is where you’ll get your boarding pass and have any luggage put in the hold of the aircraft. You’ll present your boarding pass just before going through security, and you’ll likely show both your boarding passport at the departure gate and maybe even at the entrance of the plane door. It’s all for extra security and to also check no one’s gone wandering on the wrong flight, so nothing to worry about.

Look And Listen Carefully To Instructions

With it being your first time on a flight, it’s really important to look and listen to any instructions that have been given to you or that you’ve seen on your journey through the airport. Ensure that you’ve cleared up all the rules on what you can and can’t take on the plane with you. Listen to what the security guards are asking you to do during the security checks, and when you’re on the plane, pay attention to the flight attendants or the in-flight instruction video. As you are new to flying, there’s also a handy safety manual of the type of plane you are flying in and what to do in an emergency.

Notify Flight Attendants It’s Your First Time

When you’re looking at how much does it cost for a flight and going through the booking process, it’s not likely to ask you if you’re a first-time flyer. Some airlines though, may flag it on their system to get someone on the flight to come and speak to you or when you reach the check-in desk or departure gate. If no one does, it’s worth notifying the flight attendants that it’s your first time. They might then introduce themselves personally and to talk you through any questions or concerns that might have flagged up in your mind at this point. They’re there to keep you safe and well-looked after, so take advantage of it.

Take Entertainment To Keep You Busy

Entertainment is a must for any travel excursions, especially for flights that are quite lengthy in the number of hours they take. When thinking about your entertainment, you may not be able to use your mobile network and that any electronic devices might have to go on airplane mode. If that’s the case, then ensure you’ve downloaded all the necessary entertainment needed for the journey there and back. Take plenty of other entertainment like music you can listen to, magazines and books. A good selection is useful to have!
Travelling by plane for the first time can be exciting, so prepare where you can and enjoy the thrill of your first flight to somewhere hopefully very magical.

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