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Software Company Insurance

Call me a worry-wart but I can’t help but think of the future of my business all the time. After all, I did spend half of my life trying to build something from scratch – literally. Although I can’t share with you who or what my company is exactly, let’s just say that I’m your friend. I’m working in the same industry as you, software development, and I just want to share some of my own experiences running the business with you. Hopefully, you can take something worthwhile by the time you’re done reading. 

Well, first off, you’re probably wondering how selling software is working out for me. Let me answer that in two simple words: It’s tedious.

The business itself is good. It’s booming, even. However, software development is a rather delicate thing (read more). It’s something that requires really careful handling and tight security. One wrong move and all your work can get thrown out the window, just like that. In terms of profits, however, I can assure you that it is very promising.

The world is largely digital, after all. Long gone were the days of old, when picking flowers was fun and climbing trees was all in a day’s work. Nowadays, people aren’t found anywhere else but online. 

That’s right. It would seem that humanity has somehow migrated into cyberspace. Friends don’t see each other as much as they used to. A simple chat or call is enough to cover “catching up” duties. Even family members don’t get together as much anymore. A simple gathering during thanksgiving is becoming more difficult to do now that relatives can just do a video chat to feel involved in the occasion. We don’t know where this is all heading and whether the outcomes will be good or bad. All we know is that right now it works and people don’t feel like giving up on this kind of lifestyle – yet. Learn more about the impact of the internet on society here:

 As true-to-heart businessmen, it is only natural that we capitalize on the current state of the universe and bring people products and commodities that are timely and relevant. Thus, we push for software development.    

However, software development is not a type of activity to be taken lightly. It involves a lot of delicate planning, execution, and investigation. One thing that matters greatly to software development is storage. Since you’re doing everything virtually, you will need a very big space to store all these information. For this, you can try expanding your own company servers but you should know that also comes with significant risks. 

The Danger Of Using Physical Servers To Store Your Company Data

Creating your own link of servers is a good way to expand the storage capacity of your internal systems. This can really help your software company grow bigger and better. However, physical servers are what you’d consider “hardware.” And we all know that hardware always comes with a criminal risk. It is destructible. 

Yes, that’s right. Spill water in one of the server bodies and poof goes all your data. When you’re building catches on fire (although we do hope it never does), they’re too heavy to bring outside so it is likely that your data can get lost in the flames as well. Even if you back up all these data in another hard drive, there’s still no assurance that the hard drive will survive forever. This is because, again, it is hardware.

Hardware are devices that have physical, tangible properties and that is what makes them so fragile (check this out). If you’re running a software company, your business’s future heavily rides on the safety of all the software data you have accumulated over the years. Keeping it all safe is a heavy responsibility but also one that you can unburden to “other places.”

I’m talking about getting your company insured.

That’s right. By getting your software company insured, you can be absolutely sure that your data remains safe indefinitely. But remember, not all insurance companies deliver their services right. Since you’ll be leaving very sensitive information to their hands, you have to be extra sure that they can be trusted. Here are a couple of qualities you MUST look for in software company insurance agencies:

1. Recognized

Yes, you have to check the legitimacy of the business. As an insurance company, they should be backed up and accredited by reputable and authoritative bodies. Check for licenses, certificates, and accreditations and run a search for authenticity. It’s important that the insurance company you contract with is recognized by trustworthy organizations.

2. Cloud-based

Cloud Computing

If it’s not cloud, then you have no way of making sure that your data is completely safe. You need an insurance company, like Scheme Serve software for companies, which operates all its activities on cloud and backs up your data on cloud. If you’re not familiar with cloud yet, allow me to explain briefly.

The Cloud is a virtual storage system. It stores all your sensitive data in a “seemingly” intangible space. Why did I put the word seemingly there? Well, for starters, you can’t actually believe that data really is floating up there in the clouds right? There has got to be a physical device storing them – and there is! There are several thousands of hardware devices, in fact. We refer to these physical storages as server farms. They collect the data that is uploaded in Cloud. So how the Cloud is called virtual when in reality it’s not? This is because of a method called “redundancy.” Through replicating your data a hundred or a thousand times over as you upload it into the Cloud, the system makes sure that it is retrievable at any given time. This means that even if one server farm goes down, your data is still safely stored somewhere in the face of the earth. It keeps on copying your data so that you will always have backups for your backups. Get it? It’s the safest way to store sensitive information.

3. Trusted Online

Lastly, you have to check online reviews about the insurance company. It will help you understand other people’s views about the company better. Good companies make noise in the internet and you will hear people complimenting their services. Watch out for fake reviews though! 

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