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Online shopping has grown crazily over the last few years with many people now choosing to shop online than head to the shops. The rise of online shopping has led to the demise of high streets however with the ease of access and the possibility to shop in your pyjamas, it’s easy to understand its increased popularity. There are thousands of retailers available at the click of a button, making it convenient but also super simple and scarily easy to spend all your money online. 

Discount Code Sites

Thankfully there are a handful of sites out there that offer you the chance to get a discount on your online spend. Love the Sales are one of these sites, giving you the opportunity to check out any offers from the retailers before you splash your cash. 

These sites bring together some of the best deals on the internet, boasting savings of up to 75% in some cases, so you could really save a small fortune when using a discount site. There are sites more specific to students however offer the same premise, money saving!

What is Love the Sales?

Love the Sales are an online company set up entirely to save you money. They scour retailers to get the best deals and offers on products and bring them straight to the customer. Love the Sales partner with some of the biggest companies in the country including Apple, Adidas and Disney.

Partnered directly with hundreds of online retailers, Love the Sales flags up any potential savings on the spot, meaning you don’t need to wait around for cashback like some other sites. You can use Love the Sales to shop just like you normally would, everything is verified through the retailer themselves meaning you have peace of mind and a bargain at the same time. 

With over 1 million daily sales live on their website you’ll never find yourself stuck for ideas. Whether you’re looking for a birthday or Christmas present or you’re simply looking to treat yourself, it’s all in the one place. 

Hasn’t this been done before?

In short, yes. There are many major sites that offer the same services as Love the Sales. 

Hotukdeals are one of the most notable discounts services in the UK, offering daily offers and savings to a dedicated community of savers. This site has been around for several years, giving users the chance to browse their offers and purchase products through their links. 

However, alongside these sites are many others including Vouchercodes, offering the same premise as other sites. Vouchercodes works solely on the basis of providing customers with a voucher which you can enter on the retailers site, giving you an automatic discount at the checkout.

To best explain it, let’s take a look at how these websites differ and most importantly how they can help you save money on your shop. 


Love the Sales

  • Offers direct retailer to customer offers in real time, there’s no need to worry about expired offers. 
  • Linked to 100’s of online retailers, they have just about everything you could possibly need. 
  • Works alongside major UK brands, they are a trusted source of discount offers. 


  • Deals are submitted manually by users of the site, meaning that you may see unique offers on this site compared to others. 
  • Large community of online savers
  • Deals rated on their ‘hotness’, you can easily see the best deals on the site
  • Deals are sometimes expired, unlike the live offers given by Love the Sales


  • Extensive list of online retailers, there is something for everyone
  • Daily deals section allows you to see the best offers for that day
  • Easy to use voucher codes given to complete transaction

So you can see that although these websites offer similar services, there are some differences which could make an impact on how you can get the best possible deals online. 

Hotukdeals has often been said to be the biggest discount provider in the UK, giving its users the opportunity to vote on each deal, giving it a rating. However, Love the Sales uses the discount service to target deals that you are actively looking for unlike Hotukdeals who provided a more general overview of deals available. 

There are a lot of ways to save money online and using discount codes is one of the simplest methods to grab yourself a bargain. With there being many sites who offer similar services, like Secretsales or Ebay UK, it’s often hard to choose which one you should spend your money with. 

Why Choose Love the Sales?

Although many of these sites have similar concepts, there are some differences which may make you sway away from your usual sites such as HotUKDeals and use Love the Sales. 

Unlike the other discount websites we have looked at, Love the Sales offers up-to-date offers and deals, which is great if you’re looking to grab yourself a deal straight away. There’s nothing worse than finding out that the deal you wanted has now suddenly expired, with Love the Sales, that never happens. 

Another great aspect is that they are linked to 100’s of retailers, meaning you don’t need to use multiple sites, it’s all packed into one website, meaning you could possibly save more than going to each retailer individually. 

If saving money is one of your favourite past-times, then checking out these discount sites is a must. The process is easy, and with it’s simple to use system, even the most technologically naïve person can get saving in a matter of minutes. 

There’s no need to sign up, simply click the links to the products that you are interested in and you will see your potential savings straight away. Not looking to buy something now? You can even set up alerts to get emails when your favourite retailers have some big savings available, making it even easier to get access to money saving deals online. 

Love the Sales is an ideal way to save some money without making it a chore, whilst grabbing yourself a treat in the mix, it can’t really get any easier than that. 

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