Travelling the UK by Taxi – Coverage and Cost Statistics

Travelling the UK by Taxi - Coverage and Cost Statistics

Travelling around the country? There are many fantastic places to visit and sights to see in every area of the country and, as a small country, it is possible to see a large percentage of these in just one trip. If you plan to travel to the different regions and travel throughout the country, one of the best ways to do this is with a taxi and especially if you are travelling with a lot of luggage.


Unsurprisingly, there are certain areas which have better taxi coverage than others and it is a good idea to be aware of these places so that you can either book a taxi in advance or arrange another form of transportation. If you or somebody that you are travelling with requires the use of a wheelchair, it is always a good idea to book in advance as, unfortunately, nowhere offers a high number of taxis which are wheelchair accessible from places like Cab Direct.

As you would expect, the city with the most number of cabs per 1,000 people is London with 2.4 (this is also true of wheelchair accessible vehicles). Next you have Wales and the North East who both have 1.6 per 1,000 and 0.4 wheelchair accessible cabs per 1,000. Next comes the North West with 1.4 and 0.7, the South West with 1.2 and 0.3, the East with 1.2 and 0.4 and the West Midlands with 1.1 and 0.8 (the highest for wheelchair accessible vehicles). At the bottom you then have the South East with 1.2 and 0.3, the East Midlands with 1.1 and 0.4 and finally Yorkshire and Humber with 0.7 and 0.4.


There is also the cost to consider. The majority would assume that the capital is the most expensive place to catch a cab, but there are actually four cities that are more expensive on average per mile. These are Coventry (£3.11), Leeds (£3.06), Oxford (£3.04) and Cambridge (£3.03) with London costing £2.99 per mile. The cheapest cities are Liverpool (£2.15), Edinburgh (£2.22) and Brighton (£2.28). Next come Kingston-upon-Hull, Swansea and Belfast all at £2.45 per mile with Sunderland and Bradford (£2.53), Leicester (£2.60) and Nottingham (£2.61) following.

There are many excellent places to travel in the UK, but it is important to think about the best way to travel and in many cases this will be by taxi. As you can see, this might be hard depending on where you are so it may be worth booking in advance and especially if you need a wheelchair accessible vehicle. You should not have too much difficulty in London and it may not be as expensive as you imagine, but other areas can be challenging and the cost will vary drastically.

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