Ways to save money when redecorating a bathroom

Ways to save money when redecorating a bathroom

Ways to save money when redecorating a bathroom 

Decorating a bathroom can inject new life into a home. But with expensive work like tiling and installing new furniture and fittings, it can be a costly task. However, with some clever thought, flair and creativity, it doesn’t have to be.

These ideas from Pebble Grey show ways to give yourself a nicely decorated bathroom without spending your savings.

Furniture and fittings

Decorating a bathroom doesn’t mean you have to rip out and replace your toilet and bath with fancier furniture. If all these fittings are all in good working order, why change them just to restyle the room? Instead, just changing some of the elements of furniture and fittings can give your bathroom a new stylish look.

For instance, rather than swap the bath, just upgrade the bath handles. Instead of replacing your sink and toilet, just fit some sleek new taps and a fancier flush handle. Or rather than switching your bathroom cabinet, just change the cabinet knobs with a more striking style.

Fixtures and accessories 

Another area to look at upgrading to save you money, but give your bathroom some impact, are fixtures and accessories. For example, you could change ceiling or wall lighting fixtures to create new attractive set pieces for the room. Even just replacing light bulbs with brighter, softer, or coloured designs can bring life to a room or give it a more defined atmosphere. You could also add new shelving to a room to display your best towels and attractive toiletries to give the room more colour.

In addition to this, household items can be sanded down and reused as useful and attractive bathroom accessories. A rustic ladder, for instance, can make a great stand to hold your luxury towels, while a Victorian wooden chair can be a stylish spot to hold your best toiletries. An old dresser, dusted down and vanished, could also become a stunning vanity unit. Fancy wall ornaments, like wall antlers, could be used to hang your towels or bathrobe, a large hall mirror can also open up and bring light to your bathroom, while a house plant can bring greenery and a fresh look.

Painting and decorating 

Painting can also play a big part of saving money when decorating a bathroom. There are a range of items you can paint and you can use different painting styles to give your bathroom a new striking look.

For instance, you could create an effective feature wall, by adding a bold colour to one wall in the room. Another option is to paint the surface of a vanity unit with a fitted sink. You could use particular paints to create, for instance, a granite effects across the surface. Or, if you’re feeling artistic, you could make stencils from cardboard to paint striking shapes or lettering across a plain shower curtain. Just little touches of paint can make a difference too, like adding colour to some shelf fronts, or repainting the frame of a mirror.

These are many ways to redecorate your bathroom, but these ideas should help you save a great deal of money too. It shows that when it comes to redecorating rooms in your home, you really don’t have to break the bank.


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