What makes a premium wine worth the money?

premium wine

I don’t think I’ve ever spent more than £10 on a bottle of wine yet there is some out there that sit around the £100 mark and generally class themselves as a more ‘premium wine’ than regular plonk you would get from the supermarket.

Some people think that a a lot of the money that you are paying goes towards the fact that the wine come from a more exclusive vineyard but as can you see from this research on how premium wines are produced far more goes into the process.

From extraction and ageing through to even the sweetening of the wine there are some huge differences in the end product that makes it all the way to your wine cabinet at home.

For some wine buyers price can be the deciding factor in terms of what they are able to drink at home but I think it’s the same as someone who drinks a lot of spirits whereby as soon as they try something that isn’t a £15 bottle of rum they are suddenly open to a huge range of vastly better tasting products.

So next time you are either shopping for wine online or at your local supermarket perhaps take a chance and try a more premium product. It could really be the start of you find a whole new love for wine!

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