What’s the REAL cost of online dating?

What's the REAL cost of online dating?

Dating is an incredible adventure which can be as unique as the singles who are looking for love. However, it can cost you a considerable amount of money, time and resources to help you find your dream partner. Online dating doesn’t just revolutionise how we interact and meet singles, it can affect our finances too. We’re all looking for love, but that doesn’t mean other areas of our life have to take a beating. We look at the financial positive of online dating that can save you money and help you find your soulmate.

Meeting Singles Online

The first major step to finding love is meeting someone you’re compatible with and you have an interest in. When using traditional dating methods you may go to a bar or a party to potentially meet someone. Either way, it could be an expensive night out, especially if you’re looking for romance in a bar. Spending tons of money trying to meet and get to know people who may not even be single. The issue with traditional dating is that you just can’t know the other person’s status. Whereas when you use a dating chat room in the UK, you’re connected with plenty of singles who you know are looking for love.

Comparably, when you meet singles online, you’re connected to more people than you could ever meet with one night at the bar. Thousands upon thousands of people use internet dating as their way to meet a partner and one in five relationships start over social media. You’re also aware of their status, you know they’re single as they’re on a dating website, or at least you would hope they are. You could drop messages to ten singles in one fell swoop, meaning you’re able to engage with more people in a shorter space of time.

A night out can probably cost anywhere between £20-£100 depending on the class of the bar and the nature of the event. That’s a lot of money to pay if you’re trying to meet other singles on a regular basis. Furthermore, you may be able to talk to five people at the maximum in that time if you’re having genuine conversations with them. The money you’re spending isn’t giving you the best possible outcome. Some online dating sites are free, have some features you have to spend money on or take a subscription service. Either way, it is going to be cheaper than a night out and you have a greater chance of interacting with someone you’re compatible with.

The Dating Phase

Imagine that you have met a single at a bar and you have agreed to meet up. They were charming, friendly and interested in you when you first met in the bar. However, you’re now out having dinner and something isn’t working. You can’t put your finger on it, but you know this person isn’t for you, but now you’ve spent however much and a meal with someone you have no interest in seeing again. This scenario may seem familiar, as it happens a lot with traditional dating methods. It is not that your time is wasted, but that it could have been utilised better.

Online dating offers you the opportunity to converse with your potential partner, before having to meet them. That means you can be talking to a variety of singles, while still not spending anything. Our modern lives are busy and we want to invest our time with someone that could be the one. Time is the commodity you won’t get more of, so of course, you want to spend it wisely. Online dating is the perfect way to engage with people, without needlessly spending your hard earned money.

Not saying that love isn’t worth it and if you believe this person is for you then it’s a great thing to go do, even if it doesn’t go well. The point is that you’re giving yourself the best foundation to find and connect with a potential partner in the best possible way.

If you go to a restaurant and you pay £30-£120, depending on the restaurant and how many courses you have. Doing that on a regular basis isn’t viable financially, even if you got to a coffee shop, it could cost you £15 a go. Multiple this by even meeting three singles a week and that’s £45. When you’re using online dating you are taking away a lot of the risks and unnecessary payments involved with traditional dating.

Online dating is the best possible option if you’re looking to save your finances. You receive more resources for your money and can find love a lot easier than traditional dating methods.


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