Who is Timothy Sykes and What Does He Offer to Traders?


Timothy Sykes is a self-made millionaire. How he got there is a lot more interesting. Born into a middle-class suburban family, Timothy Sykes decided (against his parents’ better judgement, but with their blessings) to use the $12,415 that he received from his bar mitzvah in trading activity. By the age of 22, he had accomplished his objective and reached millionaire status. Granted, many similar stories abound. There are trading gurus from Adelaide to London, Paris to New York, and LA to Tokyo. But they don’t all pass the litmus test.

Sykes is respected by dint of the fact that his methods work and he is sharing them with his followers. Naturally, the skeptics among us will eschew any get rich quick scheme. But the methods and techniques employed by Sykes are not get rich quick schemes for traders.  The learning curve is extensive, and all-new trading parlance needs to be understood. When Timothy pulls back the curtains on trading, it is clear that there is so much more to this in-depth arena than meets the eye.

Penny stocks are where it all begins. These underlying securities are typically valued at under $5 each, and they are not listed at traditional exchanges like the NASDAQ, the S&P 500, the Dow Jones, or the NYSE. They go by other names, including pink slips. Timothy doesn’t engage in shotgun-style targeting of penny stocks, hoping that they will appreciate over time. His methodology is quite the opposite. He would rather sit and wait out a trade, until such time as market conditions are favourable. In the interim, he encourages and advocates intensive work, study, and analysis of the markets. He readily attests to the fact that his profits have come one run at a time, not in ‘home runs’.

Picking Penny Stocks One at a Time 

The authenticity of his trading techniques is immediately apparent for all to see. He posts all his successes publicly, with a 70% + profitability rate. He stresses, in no uncertain terms, the rules that are needed to be followed with any stocks trading. It’s about discipline; it’s about study; it’s about approaching the financial markets from a contrarian perspective. Finding good penny stocks is a tough undertaking. There are thousands upon thousands of options to choose from, with new listed stocks being brought to market on a daily basis. Most every penny stock that is listed is a highly volatile company which has yet to prove itself. Nonetheless, this risk is essential to your ability to profit.

For most people new to the world of stocks trading, the pathway to profit seems to be a linear progression. You buy low and you sell high. However, as Timothy Sykes points out – there are other approaches to take. That being the short sell. These stocks are found on OTCBB as well as pink sheets. The beauty of trading penny stocks as opposed to traditional stocks is evident in the volatility you can expect with them. Any big-name stock that you are already familiar with, with the exception of anomalies like Tesla (huge price swings in recent months), typically moves very little up or down over a given period of time. However, Sykes adopts the incremental approach to profit generation. In his words, ‘Scaling Up’ over time is the preferred slow and steady approach to take.

Timothy Sykes is brutally honest about everything that he does. He even advises clients not to simply blindly copy his trades, given that by the time you read the content, market conditions have already changed to reflect a new reality. Plus, he concedes, every investor has a different set of reasons for picking a specific portfolio of penny stocks.  He encourages students to think for themselves – that’s what makes him different to the rest. Online reviews reveal full insights about the Timothy Sykes scam debate out there, to help you do your due diligence. Bonus tip- Critical thinking, discourse, and in-depth reviews of the financial markets are your best tools, regardless of whose trading strategies you’re following.

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