10 Health Benefits of Running

Health Benefits of Running

The current climate is a reminder of how fragile life can be. With that in mind, many of us have decided to exercise more to improve our overall health. Running has become the exercise of choice because it can be done almost anywhere and doesn’t cost anything to take part in. However, alongside being a cost-effective method of exercise, running has loads of health benefits that you might not be aware of.

Weight Loss

One of the most obvious benefits of running is that it can help you to lose weight. Running instantly burns calories but also creates an ‘after burn’ effect that increases how many calories you continue to burn in your daily life after you’ve finished your run. For people who have some weight to lose, this can go a long way to helping you shift the lbs alongside a healthy diet.

Improved Joint Health

Running is known to strengthen joints, bones, and ligaments. This helps to reduce the chances of pain from joint problems as you get older which will keep you active for longer. 

Reduced Chance of Cancer

Regular exercise leads to a healthier body and less chance of you needing an online blood test. In turn, this can help to prevent the likelihood of certain cancers which is an obvious major benefit. Of course, you can’t account for all health issues which is why it’s important to find the best care possible if you do become ill. Guys & St Thomas Private Healthcare provide patients with peace of mind that they’re being taken cared of by the best medical professionals possible.

Reduced Chance of Heart Disease

Reduced Chance of Heart Disease

Cardiovascular disease is a huge problem throughout the world. Thankfully, running a few times per week can dramatically lower your risk of death from heart disease as well as reducing blood pressure and increasing lung function.

Improved Sleep

Research suggests that regular running leads to improved sleep. In turn, this can give you more energy throughout the day and lead to higher performance levels in the workplace. 

Healthier Brain

Choosing to regularly take part in aerobic exercise can help to improve brain function, again leading to increased performance levels in the workplace and on exams or complex problem solving. Not only that but running can help to reduce the likelihood of brain related issues such as Alzheimer’s Disease.

Stronger Legs

Although running is an aerobic exercise, it also requires the use of lots of muscles. This means you’ll see strength gains in your quads, hamstrings, calves, and glutes. Plus, you’ll look better in these areas too. 

Stable Core

As well as increased leg strength, running helps to train your core which will improve balance, power, and will also help to give you the tight, defined stomach you’ve always dreamed of.

Healthier Bowels 

Regular exercise such as running can help to keep your bowels in the best shape possible. This will often mean less bouts of constipation and bloating and even reduced symptoms in those who usually suffer from irritable bowel syndrome. 

Reduced Stress

Exercise has been shown to reduce stress levels which will automatically lead to a great sense of wellbeing. This is also beneficial for people with anxiety issues and may work as a kind of meditation. Focusing on the breath and each step hitting the floor is a great form of mindfulness.

Ultimately, there are loads of health benefits to running that suggest it’s an activity that many people should give a try. It can be difficult at first but don’t let that put you off. Improving on distance and speed is a fun challenge and it’s one that you take part in without having to pay large gym fees.

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