3 Tips To Save Money When Shipping Heavy Products

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Do you run a small business that requires you to send packages to customers? Maybe you are selling Wholesale Bottles on Etsy Or you might just be selling things via eBay or another similar platform. In either case, shipping costs can be a real pain in the backside. Things are particularly annoying when you have heavy items to send. The heavier an item is, the more it costs to send. This leads to high shipping costs that could mean you either lose money or customers.

What can you do about this? Here are three tips to save money when shipping heavy products:

Reduce the weight as much as possible

Try your hardest to reduce the weight of the items you are shipping. This might be impossible, in which case you can move on to one of the other two tips and see if they help instead. However, a lot of you can cut down the weight by doing things like altering the packaging. Opting for more lightweight packaging could make the overall weight of the package decrease, saving money. It won’t always be possible to do this, but trying to reduce the weight of your heavy items is a good first step to try. 

Consider pallet distribution instead

If you have really heavy items to deliver, it is sometimes better to look for a pallet collection such as the Pallet Delivery services available at FDC Holdings. service instead. Pallets are designed for heavy items, and they are loaded onto much larger lorries. As a result, the shipping costs are less as you’re paying to take up a much smaller space in a larger vehicle. If you were paying for a normal courier van delivery, it would cost you so much more as the weight of your items means they take up a lot of space in the van. It would mean the courier couldn’t take on as much stuff as usual or their van would be too heavy. So, looking for pallet services could be a smarter way to save money on deliveries. 

Try flat-rate shipping

Flat-rate shipping means that your shipping costs stay the same no matter how big or small an item is. This can be beneficial as shipping costs can fluctuate dramatically all the time. As such, you will know exactly how much it costs to send your items as they will all have the same rate. What tends to happen is you have flat-rates for items within a specific weight range. So, all of your heavy items will be sent at the same price every time, rather than you using other shipping rates that can go up and down like crazy. 

You see, there are methods you can use to save money when shipping products from your online store or home. Yes, heavy products are always going to cost more, so try your very best to make them weigh as little as possible when being packaged for shipping. Then, consider alternative shipping methods for your heavier items to save more money, and always look into flat-rate shipping as well. All of these tips should help you drive the overall cost of shipping down!

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