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Where is your money going this Christmas?

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Where is your money going this Christmas?

As we head towards Christmas we all start thinking about money. It doesn’t matter if it’s the money we are spending or the money we are hoping to receive. Cash, dosh, dough or whatever you want to call it, Money is a HUGE part of everyones Christmas.

The guys over at Mecca Bingo Blog have made this fancy Infographic that you see below which shows how how the value of money can differ for everyone, even just based on your age. For example did you know that:

–         16% of British 18-24 year olds never cash and many will throw loose change

–         The average Brit aged 55 or over; will typically carry between £20-£40 on them.

–         A quarter of us check our bank balance on a daily basis, although 12 per cent of us admit to not knowing what’s in the bank at all.



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