Is the environment having an impact on your building?

Is the environment having an impact on your building?

Is the environment having an impact on your building?

If you were a victim of last year’s winter flooding, there’s bad news on the way. Experts have confirmed that we’re in for more of the same this winter. Wet and stormy weather could last well into the new year, bringing with it the potential to damage the fabric of your property.

If you want to be prepared for winter storms, or simply want to protect your property from wind, rain and sun, then here are some simple steps you can take to make your home weatherproof from Sovereign Chemicals.

Keep your head above water

There’s no doubt that weather events are intensifying, and with that comes an increased risk of flooding and other damage to property. To protect against flooding, invest in a good submersible pump, think about making your basement watertight with concrete and ensure you have sandbags and other flood defences which could save you time and money if the inevitable does happen.

Make a flood plan and make sure all useful documents are securely stored in a waterproof pouch. Then sign up for flood alerts and if you get a flood warning, elevate furniture on concrete blocks and start building sandbag defences.

Protect your timbers

Extremes of weather, from wind and rain to excess heat, can damage the timbers of your home. Keeping gutters and drainpipes clear can help protect your property against rain and hail, moving excess water away from foundations and roof timbers to combat damp and leaks.

Protect timbers with an exterior grade aluminium primer that will create a waterproof barrier, and seal resinous knots in the wood. Timber is a durable and sustainable material with a lifespan of up to 80 years. It is extremely resistant to wind and hail, but not rain, making a weatherproof primer crucial.

Be storm resistant

If you know there’s a storm coming, you need to be prepared. Have a good look round your property, checking for any signs of weakness:

  • Check the roof for slipped tiles and cracked or missing flashing
  • Make sure fence posts and panels are secure
  • Give soffits and gutters the once over

If any of these areas are weak, they’ll be the first to experience damage, so get them repaired. This will save you costly repairs in future.

Wrap up warm

Ice can be a real enemy in the winter months. Those icicles on the gutter might look beautiful, but they’re a sign that you have an ice dam, and water may be being forced into your rafters. Invest in heat tape which can be run on the underside of gutters to protect them from freezing.

Make sure your pipes and hot water tank are properly lagged and insulated, as nobody like a burst pipe. It’s worth making sure that everyone in your household knows where to locate water, gas and electrics and knows how to turn them off and on if necessary. Insulate everywhere – the best way to combat frozen pipes is by keeping the heat in.

Improve your property’s natural defences

Your building has four solid walls and, provided you run regular maintenance on your property, they should be able to withstand anything.

A coat of masonry paint that’s durable and manufactured with excellent antialgal and antifungal properties makes your home not only beautiful, but weatherproofed too – ready for anything that summer or winter can throw at it.


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