Costs To Consider When Moving Abroad

moving abroad

It might be that you have found the job of your dreams in a faraway country. Or you may be moving abroad to move in with somebody you have met on an international dating site. Or it might just be that you fancy a change of country, perhaps with an eye towards moving to a more entertaining travel destination

Whatever the case, there will be costs involved, so these will need to be added to your budget. While we can’t give you the exact costs of moving abroad – you will need to do the research yourself – we can give you an idea of the types of expenses that you will need to save up for. 

#1: Visa costs

The visa costs will depend on where you are moving to and why you are moving. There are different visa types too, such as in the USA where you will be required to have a different visa for working, studying, or relationship purposes. With regards the latter, for example, you will need a K1 visa if you’re engaged to be married to a US citizen, and you can learn more about the costs involved here: What Are The US K1 Visa Requirements?

Visa costs will also include background checks and postage, and you might have to pay travel costs to attend an in-person interview at the embassy of the country you are moving to as well.

Commit to research to learn more about the visa you will need.

Living costs

Housing will be the biggie, especially if you aren’t planning to move in with anybody. The cost to buy and rent will vary depending on the country you move to, and as in the UK, there will be districts that are more expensive than others. 

Then there is the cost of groceries to consider, the expenses related to utility bills, and the taxes you will be expected to pay as an international citizen. 

Consider the furnishings you will need too. If you are bringing your furnishings with you, there will be a need for shipping costs. 

Some countries are cheap to live in, while others will be more expensive, so if you have a number of options, factor in all of the expected living costs before moving. 

Additional costs

We have covered the main expenses you will face, but there are others.

For one, there is the cost of travel. We are talking about the cost of travelling to the other country and the cost of getting around while you’re there. If you will be reliant on public transport you will need to factor these costs in, as well as the price of fuel if you’re using a car.

There is also healthcare to consider. The UK benefits from the NHS, but you might have to pay for your healthcare costs when you’re living abroad. 

So, moving abroad won’t necessarily be cheap. Still, if you can save and budget your money, and commit to research to get an idea of the costs involved, you will make life much easier for yourself. Just don’t forget to factor in the cost of a postcard to send to us.

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