3 Ways To Save Money When Moving To Spain

Save Money When Moving To Spain

Moving house is exciting enough, but when you throw a relocation into Spain into the mix you really have Moving house is exciting enough, but when you throw a relocation into Spain into the mix you really have something to look forward to. However, as exciting as moving house can be – it does come with its own stresses and costs. If you are considering moving to Spain from the UK or elsewhere, you’ll probably want to make sure you spend as little on moving costs as possible –so here are 3 ways to save money when moving to Spain

What Items Are You Moving With You?

One thing to consider is that every single item you take with you, you’re paying to shift across Europe. Whilst personal items and big items of value might be worth paying for; should you really be shelling out to move an Ikea desk? The good thing about moving to somewhere like Spain is that they have plenty of choices when it comes to retail –so often it works out cheaper to ditch your items here & just buy new when you get to Spain.

The added bonus of this is that you can even sell some of your items here (eBay and Facebook Marketplace are great for that) and this can help raise some cash towards your moving costs so it’s a win-win situation.  It also means you can de-clutter sooner, which makes selling your house in the UK a little easier too

Consider a New Development

When looking at properties in Spain, you might think that buying something old and cheap is the best way to do things, but it often isn’t. Instead, consider looking at something like new developments in Marbella. As you can imagine, brand new properties like this are stunning – and as they’re new you don’t have to worry about any costly repairs or home improvements needing doing once you have moved in. Instead, you can simply pack up your (minimal) belongings in the UK, get yourself to Spain and move into your brand new home without too many worries – more time to enjoy Sangria and sunshine!

Get Organised

Don’t let the excitement of moving to warmer climates stop you from being organised. You still need to be sensible and make sure you cancel things in the UK that you’ll no longer need. Remember that things like broadband and mobile phones often have a notice period, so cancel with plenty of time. Otherwise, if you leave cancelling until the last minute you’ll end up paying for services you haven’t been able to use. Instead, get organised and get things cancelled in a timely manner so you have more money to spend on your new life in Spain.

Some little tips to make your life easier when moving home – pack up boxes in advance and ensure you label them with what is inside. Get quotes for different removal companies so you know what costs to expect and can budget for these. Always have a back-up plan and most of all enjoy it – moving to Spain is a massive adventure and one you should grab with both hands and enjoy every step of the way. 

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