How to make an awesome home office

make an awesome home office

Working from home (WFH) is nothing new, but the recent pandemic has seen an explosion in those working from the ‘comfort’ of their own homes. With a dramatic increase in home-based businesses, alongside those being forced to carry out their usual jobs from home, the new norm is likely to see the WFH phenomenon continue. With kitchen tables up and down the country transformed into makeshift workspaces, now’s the time to commit to an office space to inspire you. 

Getting the basics right

Assuming a traditional 9-5 (although let’s be honest, WFH often sees hours way above and beyond), you’re spending a considerable amount of time in one position while plugging away at work. Over the long-term, a sofa, a dining chair, or even sprawling on a bed just won’t cut it. Investing in the right office chair and desk will be the best money you’ll ever spend while working from home.

We’ve all heard it before: a poorly positioned chair, the wrong desk set-up, and constant slouching will lead to long term issues. A bad back and repetitive strain injury are hardly the rewards you’re seeking while working from home! By getting the basics right, you’ll be more comfortable and so more productive. Plus, you’ll be avoiding longer-term health issues. 

A space to call your own

It’s not always easy to switch off from work if you’re carrying out your daily tasks in the same place that you’d usually relax and unwind. Finding a space, clearing out that spare room, or even converting your shed will mean that work and home remain as separate as they can do. 

With your new-found space, it’s time to make it your own. With no boss or co-workers to please, you can add more than just a dash of your own personality. It doesn’t have to cost the earth to get hold of some pretty impressive wall art or to add a splash of colour. Let your creativity run wild and give yourself the kind of office you’d have always loved, but never would have got away with, back in the workplace. 

Invest in some tech

A couple of decades ago and a note pad, a phone, some paper clips, and a coffee mug (with constant trips to the kitchen) saw you all set to work from home. If you were really advanced you may have even have had a fax machine in your home office. Of course, today it’s all a little bit different. A decent desktop, a wireless printer, all working alongside your smartphone are a must, but there’s so much more that you can add to your home office.

Do you really need the latest 32-inch monitor with a retina display featuring 6K resolution of 6,016×3,384? How about a state of the art coffee machine that will keep you fully caffeinated throughout the day, or even the latest smart mug to keep your coffee at the optimum temperature? Of course, none of these things are essential, but if you’re aiming for awesome then they are well worth a look!

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