How to Create The Home of Your Dreams For Less

Create The Home of Your Dreams For Less

A home is the single most expensive item that you will probably buy. In fact, sometimes just trying to buy a home at all can be a big stretch on the finances. Many people dream of creating a forever home, one that has the perfect amount of space, the right number of bedrooms, and is decorated to match their exact tastes. Sadly, the cost of creating a home of your dreams often makes this feel like it is impossible to achieve. Luckily, there are ways to put together a home that you have always dreamt of; it just requires a little extra planning and creative thinking when thinking about how to Create The Home of Your Dreams.

Your Perfect Property

Do you spend your spare time online looking at pictures of beautiful homes? Do you try to imagine yourself living in them? If so, you have been doing some vital research for the task ahead. 

Take some time to think about the features that you love, and the things you would never want in your home. This is an excellent way to form some exact ideas of what to include in your property. Once you have enough ideas, start to make a list of things you definitely do want from your property, i.e. pool, four bedrooms, storage etc., and then write down things that you most definitely do not want. Next, it is time to think about the negotiables; these are the features that you would be happy to compromise on, as you aren’t set on needing or wanting them.

Once you have your lists ready, you will have a clear idea in your mind of what you are looking for from a property. Your next step is to work out your budget, and then to see if homes with the must-have features on your list are available at the price you can pay. If the answer is no, don’t panic! Read on for how to work around this.

Do It Yourself

If a ready-made dream home is way out of your budget don’t despair, consider some of these options instead: 

Find a ‘Doer Upper’ – The key word for this approach is ‘potential.’ You are probably going to need a lot of imagination for this part, but visit homes that are for sale in need of complete modernisation in the location you plan to live in. Take a look around them and see if they are ripe for improvement, and have the potential to be completely transformed. As long as it is habitable, and you have the patience, renovating the property into your dream home is something that can be done in stages. This will enable you to stagger the cost.

Build It – If your dream home isn’t out there, then why not build one yourself? A modular home is an ideal way to get the accommodation size that you want, built to your specification, in far less time than a traditional self-build project. Check out to find out more about modular buildings. The beauty of getting a home built from scratch lies in the ability to be in control of the design.

Get Decorating

If you have expensive tastes,  it can be tricky to decorate your home in the style you want, for a price you are willing to pay. It is entirely possible to achieve the décor of your dreams on a budget, but it may just require a little more time spent shopping and some patience. 

For expensive furniture items, pay close attention to when the items may go into clearance, that way you can pick up a real bargain. Or, why not search for second-hand furniture in the exact style that you are looking for? Many items of good quality furniture are sold, often because people have moved and no longer have the space for their existing furniture. Another option is to makeover your current furniture. Revamping your furniture can be a hugely satisfying project, and there are some lovely furniture paints on the market right now in a whole range of colours. Having items in your home that you have created yourself makes them all the more unique, and will give you a sense of pride whenever you use them.

Take a look through interior design magazines and websites to get some inspiration, and then shop around. Visit a whole range of homeware stores in search of similar items to the ones that you have seen. This will help you to recreate the look that you are going for, for far less money.

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