What home improvements can you make for £1000

home improvements can you make for £1000

If you’re anything like me the gap between moving into your home and actually having the spare cash to make home improvements is pretty large. When we first moved into our home I pretty drew up a list in week 1 of things I wanted to do but, well you know what happens. Things break around the house that are more important and that’s where your money ends up going. So it wasn’t until probably 3 or 4 years in living in our current property that we decided to actually look back at that list.

So this got me to thinking about what home improvements you can make around your house for under £1000 and it’s actually more than you may think!

Cosmetic Repairs

Living in a house there’s no question that wear and tear ends up being a factor. Wooden boards get damaged, paintwork needs touching up or maybe there is some plastering that needs doing that you’ve just sort of learned to ‘live with’. I remember thinking these sort of jobs can cost a lot of money and it was only when I actually started ringing round and getting quotes from local tradesman that I realised a whole lot of the cosmetic work that needed doing around our house could be done for less than £1000. From kitchen units to built in wardrobes, there’s nothing that can’t be improved on!


This is one that I always think gets overlooked as having lighting in your house is just a given for a lot of people but what if you could improve on it. Last year we actually made the investment in instaling smart home technology into all our lighting so we can control it via a Smartphone App or via Amazon Alexa. That ended up only costing me around £100-£150 alone but beyond the lights, we also replaced all our light fixtures which I think had been there since we moved in. This included spending a good few hundred in the kitchen warehouse where we changed all our spotlights out to be Halogen ones which has meant no more blowing bulbs every few months!

There are lots of other ways you can improve your kitchen

Front Door and Windows

They say first impressions are everything and having a good looking front door or replacement windows can be a real game-changer for how your house is perceived. Changing your front door is also seen as one of the most cost-effective ways of adding value to your home.

You can actually purchase a range of wood, steel and UVPC doors for under £1000 these days so can make a real change. Windows are generally around the same price and with many companies offering ‘buy one get one free’ type deals you can get far more done than you imagine with the money you have available to you.

While you are looking at improving the front of the house you could also consider updating the fixtures and fittings including doorbell, house number, letterbox and exterior lighting, as well as placing a few pot plants to add a splash of colour.

So with all of the above improvements doable for under £1000 there’s no question just how much of a positive change you can make on your house.

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