How to stay safe when dating online

Online Dating Safety
  1. When I look at the dating scene now I’m kind of glad that I grew up was out clubbing in the late 90s / 2000s because the landscape for meeting a potential significant other really does seem to have changed beyond all recognition.

Gone are the days of just meeting someone in a club and getting their landline number to ring and then praying that their Dad doesn’t answer the phone when you ring it a few days later. Now you can just meet someone and be stalking them on social media by the time you get home with your kebab and chips!

In some ways, I’m glad I didn’t grow up in the world of online dating as it seems there is a website now offering everything niche you can imagine from websites such as Uniform Dating through to My Cougar Dates there is literally something out there no matter what your desire!

With this in mind, I thought it might be good to look at my 3 top tips for keeping safe if you decide to go the route of online dating.

Protect Yourself

I would say this advice is pretty much common sense but the importance of having privacy settings in place and being careful not to divulge too much personal information about yourself can’t be understated. Often online dating can feel like you are talking to an old friend at times but it’s important that you still treat them as a stranger. When you do decide to meet up always make sure you do it in a public place and NEVER give out your address until YOU feel you are in an established enough relationship IN-PERSON to do so!

Meet as soon as possible

Time can create distance for some people which makes it far too easy when it comes to keeping secrets or just flat out lying, especially with a relationship has only taken place online or over text. If there really is going to be a bit of a delay before the two of you decide to meet in person perhaps look at using something like Skype so you can see that everything matches up with your expectations before going to meet them. Of course, if they keep making excuses about meeting up and won’t even Skype you face-to-face then It’s a given that something sketchy might be going on.

Fact Check!

Never be worried or afraid about Googling someone who you’ve just met online through a dating website. A top tip is to use Google’s ‘Search by image’ to check for if they have multiple dating profiles but are using the same photo! If that person who you are talking to you online isn’t the only person with the same face you are more than likely dealing with a fake account!

Online dating seems to be more popular than ever so there’s no doubting its success. It brings people together in a way that the old lonely newspaper ads you used to get in the early 90s never go so if you are looking some someone, I say embrace it, have fun with it, but always be careful. Oh and if cougar dating really is your thing it seems it is one of the most popular niches out there so there should be no shortage of sites for you to start with!

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