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Creating an online dating profile is a lot like having a blank canvass staring straight at your before you are about to do some artwork. You can create whatever you want but in the end, SOMEONE is going to see what you have made and you need to make it stand out compared to the thousands of other similar profiles out there.

It doesn’t matter if you are using dating sites UK, or dating sites in Ireland these rules will always apply!

So what can you do to make sure not only that all eyes are on your profile but that you are attracting the type of person YOU want to meet?

Never leave any blank space!

Leaving any blank space in your profile. It is the equivalent of awkward silence if you ever met face to face! A common mistake that a lot of people make when putting their profiles online is not taking advantage of all the tools that are available on the site. If you can do something like verify your Facebook account or phone number to increase your trust level on the site then do it! If it lets you add up to 10 photos then add all 10. The more you put into the profile the more you will see back!

All these things are there for a reason so for example with Zoosk adding a username gets you 20% more incoming messages while verifying your photo can get you up to 100% more incoming messages so it really can add up and make a huge difference!

Have a mix of photos

It’s easy when choosing which photos to upload to a dating website to just select the ones that you think you look the best in but of those photos are all very samey it can work against you. If you upload 5 selfies all with the same pose or 5 photos of you on your ever loved push bike you aren’t going to be doing yourself any favours.

Photos are a chance to not only show how you look but also a bit about your personality. Mix in some full body shops with the head ones and show yourself doing a range of things so people can see what you are into!

Showing yourself doing sports activity or having fun on a vacation is far more likely to get some more messages in your inbox!

Don’t talk about dating!

Something a lot of people seem to do when they sign up to a new dating website (or even on the date itself) is talking about online dating in a negative way.

In some profiles you can often see something along the lines of “The other dating sites or apps haven’t worked for me so now I’ve moved over to here” or “I always said I would never sign up to one of these sits but here I am!”

The above may make you sound easy going when talking to your friends at the bar but can actually come across as very negative to any perspective daters!

People would instead prefer to see you focus on what you are looking for or the type of person you’d like to meet. Saying things like “Looking for someone to come and enjoy my extensive DVD collection,” or “Looking for someone to enjoy doing ParkRun with me, even if just the once!” can be a lot more inviting.

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