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business security

These days business security can come in a number of different ways. It could be about protecting your building, your employees, your customers, your computers or even all the data that you hold.

It seems mad to look back to the past before computers were as commonplace as they are today but in those days security just wasn’t as much of an issue even though things were less secure than ever. I’ve worked in places where we had door codes to get in that were literally 1,2,3,4 and these codes NEVER changed no matter how many staff left the company. Other places I’ve worked at were so secure we even had a code to put in to access the toilets to make sure that if someone came in off the street they literally couldn’t get any further!

So what are some easy wins you can use to make sure that your premises is the fortress that it needs to be

Use a monitored alarm system

You would think would be obvious but many businesses when they start up are so financially strapped that they will just by a system that looks like an alarm to fit around their offices but actually doesn’t do anything. There are a great number of systems out there now that you can either self install and keep the recordings in the cloud or there are companies you can use that will provide full ‘onsite’ services should an alarm be trigged.

Make use of lighting

It will come as no surprise that most intrusions happen during the night when it is hoped that no one else is around. Indeed 60% of burlaries in the UK take place during the night when it is dark. There is something about lighting that will make intruders feel watched and so will give them a sense of vulnerability that can act as a huge deterrent. The most popular form is lighting you will find is the infrared one which would activate once someone comes into the field of view of the sensor but there are all manor available no matter what which price point you are after.

Creating a fortress

We mentioned above about the need for your offices to act as a fortress and so the way it looks can work as a huge deterrent to anything thinking about breaking in. From high gates with motorised locks through to traffic mirrors so you can see who is coming in behind you though to bollards like you can get from Barriers Direct to help create a one way traffic system within your complex, all these additional changes literally can end up putting roadblocks to stop people thinking about breaking in.

Business Watch Schemes

There are many of these about and they are extremely useful for businesses that are on a site where multiple companies are being run in different units (or sometimes within the same building). The local police force is more often than not involved and with all the companies around you helping to point out any weaknesses you might have it can be a real eye opener and best of all it doesn’t cost any money!

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