How to make a SEXY blog post title!

How to make a SEXY blog post title! 3

As a blogger one of the most down-heartening things can be when you write an amazing post full of unique content but it just doesn’t get the clicks or views you thought it would be. You know the content is good but people just aren’t feeling driven to click through and read it!

It’s enough to drive you mad at times! You’ve spent ages creating your blog from scratch and you just want to see some traction with your awesome content!

NOTHING on a blog post is as important as the Blog Title. It’s the first thing people see when it gets promoted on social media which is where a lot of your clicks will come from these days.

As I am writing a blog post the title is usually the last thing I worry about. It’s not until the content is fully written that I then start thinking about what title I am going to use to lure people into reading my content.

9 times out of 10 the title I end up with is never the one I originally put in the box at the top on WordPress and that’s because I tend to go through a bit of a process when choosing a blog post title.

1 – The Boring Working Title

This is always my starting point. The title is generally very dry and just covers what the content is about is a very dry sense.

2 – Make It Sexy!

Now it’s time to try and jazz up that title a bit. If I had a blog post title at stage 1 that is ‘The top 100 footballers’ at stage 2 I would look to make that title a bit more eye catching and change it to ’99 Footballers who are rubbish compared to this guy!’

3 – Make sure it lures you in

Blog post titles need to lure you in. The main reason for this is that when you see 1001 blog post titles scroll up and down your feed on Tweetdeck you are far more likely to click on one that makes you think ‘Well THAT looks interesting!’. To do that you need to leave the potential readers wanting more!

One post on here that does really well when advertised on social media is ‘5 Reasons Why You Keep Quitting Blogging!‘. That title started off as ‘The hard part of blogging’ which I’m sure you will agree is very dry and not likely to make people want to click on your links to read about it.

When you flip the title to mean something to people and make it relatable (ie, the Why YOU keep quitting blogging) people are far more likely to connect with the title and click through to the title.

If you think of the title of your blog post as that first chance to impress at an interview or even a first date. If that first impression isn’t very interesting the other party are just not going to be paying as much attention to what you say no matter how good it may be.

So next time you have got a blog post to write and you want to try your best to make sure that people read think about the all important title as it will make a real difference when it comes to picking up new readers who don’t normally read your blog I promise!


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