Making the most of your home office

Making the most of your home office

Making the most of your home office

Working from home can be an extremely rewarding experience, but there are some key considerations to account for when you make the switch to a home office. Penketh Group take you through some things you can keep in mind to make your home office as efficient as possible.

Creating a unique space within the home

One of the biggest steps to improving your efficiency as a home office worker is designating one area of the house as your completely separate workspace, an area that is for nothing more than your work. Once you’ve decided where your office will go, fill it with all the same amenities you’d expect to make use of in a regular office, such as:

  • A Desk
  • Computer, with any industry relevant software installed.
  • Storage cabinets
  • Printer if necessary
  • A webcam may also be necessary to meet with supervisors

You could also take the work / home separation a little further by decorating it differently from the rest of your home?  With a designated and properly designed workplace created, your ability to work from home effectively is greatly improved. It doesn’t even have to cost much! Used furniture can be equally affordable and stylish, or you may even already have some of the equipment you need, needing only to redecorate a little to create your private space. A further incentive to working from home is that you may be eligible for both expenses claims from your employee, and tax relief from the UK Government, collectively ensuring that a home office is even more affordable than it already was.

Small changes that can make a big difference

While creating your own office space is a big step, there are still further improvements you can do to make working from home more efficient, effective, and affordable than it already is and as always it’s important to look around for different supplies for your office when it comes to buying things.

The Energy Saving Trust found that computers typically use 85% more energy than laptops, so consider making the switch for an easy saving. Do the same for any electrical products or lightbulbs by looking for more energy-efficient alternatives. Similarly, dressing warmer when it’s cool, and opening the windows when it’s warm can drive down any heating and air conditioning costs.

Working from home doesn’t mean you shouldn’t treat it any differently than if you worked on the business’s premises. Doing so risks affecting your productivity by opening you up to all the common distractions of home life, such as unexpected visitors, children or family members being disruptive, unwanted phone calls, etc.,

Avoid this by setting yourself hours where you stay in your office and work as if it was a standard workday. It can be the standard 9-5, you can start a little later but do the same number of hours, or you can even take a longer break to unwind during the day and come back to it during the evening. However you choose to do it, simply being diligent with your work habits is enough to ensure productivity and efficiency. Take this idea even further by giving yourself a standard work uniform that you wear when in the office, and get changed again once the day is over. This helps ensure that you stay in the right mindset throughout your day; your work clothes stay work clothes, and you can mentally “reset” as you leave your office and get changed.

With some of these pointers in mind, you’re sure to be a particularly effective employee once you make the change to working from home, and you’ll feel all the more rewarded and efficient for doing so.

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