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Micro Bloggers

Building trust in an online world is often overlooked by many businesses looking to break into the online space. The last decade has seen a massive spike in the usage of the internet, people now spend more time online than ever before, and that’s why it’s so important to build a level of trust with online customers. 

Now, more than ever, people are picky on the internet, they have millions of sites to visit and thousands of companies to choose from. They have the freedom to pick and choose what they like, looking at reviews and speaking to experts within that topic. So how do you get people to trust in your brand? How do you make sure you capture and retain your customers? Micro bloggers. 

Who are Micro bloggers?

I’m sure that you’ve heard of a blogger before, someone who creates content and writes a blog on specific areas such as fashion, parenting or even their favourite hobbies.

A micro blogger is someone who has created a following of readers and supporters of their work. They produce relevant and expertly written content on their specific topic, and their readers are loyal, and keep coming back to them. 

Micro bloggers are normal people, although the name suggests otherwise. They are simply people who have put their passion and time into creating useful, relatable blogs that people appreciate. 

A micro blogger can expect to have anywhere from 100 to 10,000 people following their blog, interacting with them and exposing the content to more people online. 

How Can a Micro Blogger be Used?

So we have identified exactly who micro bloggers are and how they can have an impact on their followers, but how exactly can that have a positive result for brands?

Unlike previous times where you could struggle to promote your brand and company online, now there are thousands of people online who can help get the world out and gain traction for your brand. 

By using a micro blogger for your brand such as sites like Get Blogged do, you are tapping into the readers and followers for your desired topic. There’s no need to spend time and money attracting customers of your own as they are already in place. The readers already trust the blog that they follow, and regularly interact with the content that is produced, meaning that the micro blogger can drive your brand forward and have a more positive and effective impact on the readers.

Creating Marketing Campaigns that Work

Using a micro blogger is one of the best ways to create a marketing campaign for your brand. By connecting with the bloggers within your niche you can work out your exact requirements on how to promote your brand. 

Micro bloggers can create content specifically for your brand and products, linking their readers directly to your company, meaning you’re more likely to get people who are interested in your products or services. This type of link building is highly successful and has been used for years as a form of promotion. 

By working closely alongside micro bloggers you can ensure that the content is produced exactly how you want it, whether than be in the form of a product review for your brand, a blog post or even something as simple as a shout out for your company. 

Creating an effective marketing campaign requires some investment and you can expect to be paying anywhere from £100 to be featured in a blog post. This initial investment could see positive long-term results as your brand will be promoted to new, engaging customers.

However, if you’re looking for quicker results, it could be worthwhile collaborating with several micro bloggers. This would lead to a bigger outreach in readers, more engagement and quicker results. 

Why Choose a Micro Blogger?

Choosing to invest in a micro blogger can be a great idea, however if it’s still something that you’re unsure about then take a look at some of the reasons why you should consider it. 

  • Higher Reader Engagement 

Bloggers love to interact with their readers, and as long as the content is relevant and useful, readers love to do the same. By choosing to work with a micro blogger, you are investing in someone who has built up a level of trust with their readers and by doing so their readers are more likely to be interested in brands and products that they are promoting. 

  • Micro Bloggers become your brand ambassadors

Choosing to work directly with people in your sector is vital when creating long-lasting professional connections. Create a good enough relationship and you’ll have yourself a brand ambassador, someone who is actively interested in your brand, product or service and will promote to their reader base on a regular basis. 

  • Low cost – very effective

In terms of financial investment, working with a micro blogger is relatively lost cost. Imagine having to pay thousands for seconds of exposure on TV or radio advertisements. Micro bloggers have a more targeted affect, meaning you’ll get more exposure for your money than traditional methods. 

Investing for the Future

There is no stopping the growth of the online world, and it’s more important now to get your company online than ever before. Many people will now go online to get advice from their favourite bloggers before reaching out to their friends, and this trend will continue to grow as more people venture online. 

Whether your company is brand new or an existing business, growing online is a key factor to success. 

Micro blogging may be a new and interesting concept for many, but as more people flock to online resources the more need there is for reliable, relevant and relatable people to be selling your brand for you. You’ll be directly connected to people who are interested in the type of brand you own, cutting out a lot of the traditional leg work you would have had to do before.

So, if you’re looking for a passive way to promote your brand, having creative people produce high-quality, effective content whilst bringing in new, engaging customers to your brand, then maybe micro bloggers are the big break you’ve been waiting for. 

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