Moving House: Managing Your Finances

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Moving house is difficult for a huge number of reasons. It can be emotionally challenging – leaving a home that you love can be hard, even if you know you’re moving onto bigger and better, and if you’re leaving an area that you know well, it can be even harder. It can be physically challenging, consuming a lot of time and a lot of your physical energy – packing up everything you own and unpacking it can definitely be problematic. Finally, it can also be financially difficult – but luckily there are a few things to make sure that you stay financially stable through your move. Here are a few tips to help you out.












Talk To Your Bank

Before you actually make any huge financial commitments, make sure that you talk to the bank to get some advice. A lot of people might be telling you what to do, but the truth is that having a lot of different voices in your ear can just end up being very confusing and means that it’s hard for you to make any definitive decisions. Your bank is a much more neutral place, meaning that you can get really helpful and impartial advice about your financial situation, so that you can start to figure out what the next step should be for you. Your bank will also be able to advise you so that you don’t make any financial decisions that turn out to be mistakes, like getting a mortgage that’s unfeasible for you to pay back or making a commitment that will overwhelm you in the long run.














Get The Mortgage That’s Right For You

It’s important to make sure that you get the mortgage that’s right for you. A lot of people leap at the first chance they get to buy their own home, but it’s important that you sit down and figure out what exactly it is that you want from your mortgage. If you’ve had financial issues in the past, you might be thinking that you’re never going to be able to get a mortgage again, but luckily there are companies out there that can help you – 1st expert mortgage brokers, for example, clearly state that they will consider you even if you have bad credit and no matter what sort of a home you’re looking to buy. Getting the right mortgage for you will make you less stressed out in the future when you’re making your repayments so it’s important to make sure that you do all your research.













Prioritise Where You Use Your Money

It’s important that you think carefully about how exactly you want to use your money. The actual act of moving house can be very expensive, whether you’re buying or renting a new place. Taxes can be a lot of money and of course they’re absolutely necessary so that’s something that you absolutely must bear in mind as a top priority. Smaller expenses, like whether or not you should pay for a professional moving company, are something that you should carefully consider. Those expenses can really add up – but then again, if you work freelance then packing up could really cut into your working time, so it could financially impact you in that way. Make sure that you carefully consider what exactly you want to spend your hard earned cash on.













Think About Additional Costs

Finally, there will be a lot of additional costs attached to moving that you may not have considered. If you’ve been renting, then you may not get your entire deposit back, which could lead to some financial loss. You may want to hire a professional cleaning company to make sure that your new place is perfect before you move into it, which might be expensive but will also mean that you won’t have to do it yourself, meaning that you may not have to miss as much time off work as you were initially planning to. It’s important to remember that very few new houses or apartments are actually exactly the way that you might want them to be – so if you’ve bought a new place, chances are, you might want to make a few changes. That means that you’ll have to keep some money aside in your budget for renovations that you might want to make. Although they might seem expensive, it’s also important to remember that they can add a significant amount to the value of your home. Extensions, new bathrooms, and new kitchens can be especially effective in this way.


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