Should I Relocate For a Better Job?

Should I Relocate For a Better Job?

Are you considering moving to improve your career prospects? Perhaps there are countries that are struggling with a skills gap, and you have those skills. Maybe you want to experience a new country and style of life and need a job abroad to support yourself, or perhaps your current company has asked you to relocate. Either way, it’s a huge change and something to carefully consider.

Is Relocating Right For You

For some people, relocating is an exciting adventure- chance to start a new chapter. For others it’s scary and nerve wracking. If relocating doesn’t feel right after a lot of consideration, then maybe it’s not right for you. If you have a family, close friends and other ties to the place where you live, relocating (even on a non- permanent basis) can still be tough. If you’re young, single and ready for adventure then chances are relocating will be a little easier for you. It’s all about your personal circumstances and what’s right for you and your life.

Where Will You Live

If you have been asked to relocate by your company, then the destination will already be decided. If this is something you’re doing off your own back then it can be a bit trickier. You will need to find a country that will first of all accept you- Australia is one example of a place that will only take in people with certain qualifications. You also ideally want to choose a place that you’re happy to live in, for example if you enjoy nightlife and parties at the weekend then you might not do well in a very strict religious place like the Middle East. If you want to live somewhere very pretty and luxurious, Living in Monaco, Paris or certain places in the states might appeal. You could search places that have skills gaps and those seeking workers from abroad and make your decision from there.

What About The Costs?

Moving abroad can be an expensive process, if you’re moving because you want better job prospects and don’t have much money to start with then this can be an issue. You need to think about selling your vehicles, property (or renting it out) and the costs of things like shipping abroad. If you’re coming back after a year or two then it might be worth storing your possessions, but look into storage costs as these can be higher than you think. If you’re going to be away long term or permanently, it can be cheaper to sell rather than ship most of your items. Then you can buy them again when you get to the new country.  Especially when it comes to bulky items like homewares and furniture.

Relocating could be the best thing you ever do and change your life for the better. But it’s not for everyone, work out if it’s something that would suit your goals and lifestyle.

Are you considering relocation? What are the pros and cons for you personally?


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