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Saving money and cutting business costs doesn’t always mean you need to compromise on quality or go without. In many cases, it is about choosing wisely and weighing up the pros and cons of your intended purchases and seeing how well they will perform over time.

Ensuring you have the right type of flooring in place for your company can help you save money on damages and repairs, especially for heavy-duty areas. One such material that lends itself well to durability and can withstand constant use is GRP grating.

GRP is Glass Reinforced Polymer and is created by reinforcing plastic with glass. The result of this is a product that is anti-corrosive, waterproof, durable and anti-slip. GRP is ideal for many different uses, especially for flooring.

There are many different ways GRP can benefit your company and save you money.

Health and Safety

Health and safety is a big concern for many employers. No one expects to go to work to be injured, or even worse, not come home again. But with over 581,000 workplace injuries in 2019 and 147 workers being killed at work, there is still a danger involved in many sectors and the risk of death can still be a threat no matter how many rules and regulations you adhere to. 

GRP can not only be used for flooring but step covers, creating walkways, signage and much, much more. It is safer for use than many other alternatives, and qualities such as being non -conductive, anti-slip and damage resistant can reduce the risk of accidents in the workplace caused by unsuitable flooring.


GRP flooring can provide you with a surface that is not only made to withstand heavy footfall areas but can take immense pressure, is anti-slip in adverse weather conditions, is fire resistant and needs little to no upkeep over time. 

Having a flooring option that is fire resistant and non-corrosive can give you peace of mind when accidents or spillage occur. Investing in GRP initially can save you thousands in the long run in repairs and maintenance and give you peace of mind your flooring can withstand pretty much anything you put it through.


With GRP, there is no need to rush to clean up a spillage instantly. Its anti-slip qualities mean you can finish what you are doing before tending to the spill. Or it can take the worry of the unknown out of the equation should you be unaware of the spillage. When you do clean it, a quick swill with water will have the spill cleaned up again quickly.

This can give you back working time and reduce the need to purchase cleaning products and materials to keep the flooring looking at its best, thus saving you money on cleaning supplies.

In conclusion, choosing GRP flooring can save your business money in the long term due to how well it can cope within different environments and properties it holds. More and more businesses are becoming aware of the benefit of using GRP flooring in their workplaces, and the benefits speak for themselves.

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