Saving Money When Buying A Piano

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Many people dream of owning their own piano. To be able to sit down and play or experience the talent of a fluent pianist in your home can be quite the experience to behold. Whatever your reason for wanting to buy a piano, there are two main issues you need to consider before making your purchase: Space and price. Pianos need a lot of room, and as such, if you are short on space, you may need to sacrifice other household items to make room for your new purchase.

Saving money when buying a piano can mean you get a better investment and avoid paying over the odds for your new purchase.

Should You Buy New or Used?

In many cases, your overall budget will determine if you can afford to buy a brand new piano or if you need to look at pre-loved ones. Really crunch the numbers to see what your budget allows for and do some research in both the new and used market to see the typical prices you will be looking to pay. Factor in delivery costs too – pianos are notoriously hard to move and expensive.


For trained pianists, the commitment is already there, and the ability to play is something they naturally possess. This makes buying a piano a sound investment as it will be frequently played. However, if you are learning to play the piano and cannot commit to using it frequently, you may find that however much you spend will end up being wasted money. Be realistic on how often you expect to use the piano to determine how much you should spend.


Many used pianos have been looked after and tended over their lifetimes and play just as well, if not better than brand new models. However, much like a car, you need to check what is happening under the hood to check the condition fully. If it sounds too good to be true, then quite often it is. Look for broken strings or pin blocks, tuning stability issues, or other damage to the internal working. If you don’t know what to look for, take along someone who does to make sure you are buying a good quality piano suitable for use.

Shop Around

Impulse buying can be very therapeutic. But when it comes to making big spur of the moment decisions like buying a piano, you need to take your time and do your research. Ask for advice from musician friends, your piano teacher if you have one and experts in the industry.

If possible, try out a different piano style to get a feel for what you really want to play. Choose between acoustic or digital, size, colour and more before parting with cash. Once you have narrowed down your search, you can then look for deals or offers for your chosen model.

There are many different factors involved in buying a new piano. Buying the wrong piano or paying too much for your new purchase can be avoided by taking the time to do some research and allowing yourself time to make the decision.

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