Top Tips for Saving Money in London


Like most big cities in Europe, London is considered to be an expensive city not many can afford to visit. In fact, for tourists, it’s 20% more expensive than Berlin & 57% more expensive than Lisbon,  Source.

If you live there you will no doubt already know just how much of a struggle it can be to make Guaranteed Rent London and still have spare money to do some enjoyable things with.

But there are ways to save money in London.

So, grab your map and take notes. This is what you can do if you want to get the best of London & still be able to pay the bills when you get back home!


If you’re planning on visiting a lot of attraction, the best option you have to get a discount in London is The London Pass. It’s basically a tourist pass you can purchase that will get you in most of the landmarks/attractions in London without any additional fees and, in most cases it can also get you in a priority queue which will also save you precious time.


Staying in a nice hotel in the center of London will cost you a fortune, but London has fantastic, modern hostels, many with private rooms.

Additionally, you can hop on Airbnb or a similar website and find yourself an apartment with a kitchen that will save you even more money which you would normally spend on food.


Getting around London by taxi can take up a lot of time and money because of the heavy traffic in certain periods of the day.  If you don’t fancy getting on the busy underground, of waiting sitting on a bus for hours on end, another option is to walk or rent a bike.

London has a complex walking and bike infrastructure connecting every neighborhood in the city which makes it really easy to get around.

Biking in London is as easy as it can get. You can park almost anywhere with a bike, so you have your ride at your disposal at any time to go anywhere, whether it’s a mountain, a forest, or the streets of London. You can find biking tracks all around the city and its outskirts.  Hire bikes from as little as 2 per day.


The best tip I can give you is – eat like the locals do. Most restaurants/bars in London have a plate of the day – a local specialty that you can eat at a surprisingly low price, sometimes even for half the usual price.

Another thing many people forget is to avoid dining in tourist places as those have the habit of raising the prices to a ridiculously high level that for me personally just isn’t worth it.  

As a tourist, it’s easy to get carried away, not pay attention to local prices and eat near the attractions where the food costs sometimes double its worth. Although most restaurants and pubs in London are settled near the tourist spots, remember that there are always many smaller places that will cook you an authentic local specialty for a much lower price.

As for going out, be on the lookout for Happy Hours. In London at least, you can find those on every corner and almost every pub has their own Happy Hour.

I hope you’ve picked up some usual tips! Ready to pack?

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