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Office Lunch Delivery Service

Lunch-time, it’s the second-best part of the day, that award goes to home-time of course. That being said, lunchtime is an important part of any employees’ day, it’s the chance to take a break, relax, socialise and fuel up for the rest of the day ahead. However, lunchtime is also thwart with danger – where should we go to eat? I had that yesterday! I don’t know what I want to eat! These are familiar stories being told day-in, day-out across the country by employees taking their lunch break. 

This is where Feastly comes in. Feastly is an office lunch delivery service where you can get meals delivered straight to your employees, without ever having to leave the office. This is no normal delivery service however, as employees will actually get the opportunity to taste new foods and interact with each other, finally socialising about something more interesting than spreadsheets and databases. 

The London based office catering company offers you the chance to motivate and inspire your employees and colleagues by bringing everyone together for lunch, giving them a free meal and the chance to take time away from the struggles of office life. 

Feastly’s office lunch delivery is more than just food. The key to a successful business is its staff, and keeping them happy and motivated in the workplace is a key factor in the retention and work ethic of those employees. By bringing everyone together for a free lunch you are promoting a balance to your employees, giving way to a more positive work environment where people actually want to come to work. 

How Does Feastly Work?

Feastly provides healthy, balanced meals, delivered straight to your office door. Gone are the days of worrying what food to order in as Feastly has their freshly prepared meals delivered to the office on the same day. 

It’s vital to eat healthy and have a balanced, nutritious diet. With Feastly you can get a taste from across the world with any one of their menu choices. From cauliflower and pomegranate chaat to chargrilled tofu, there is something for everyone to enjoy. You can choose to treat your office to a week of feasts, giving you the real Feastly experience. You can check out some of their menus here

Made on site in London, these are as fresh as you can get, no more supermarket sandwiches, or unhealthy snack van burgers, instead you can let your employees enjoy a lovingly prepped, balanced lunch, every day of the week. 

What are the Benefits of Feastly?

Feastly offers you the chance to revitalise your workforce. Quite often the office workplace can become stagnated, with the same tasks being job every day by the same people, the typical 9-5 can become a bore. However, by bringing Feastly into your office you will be able to split up that workday to incorporate something out of the norm, something that will get people talking and wanting more. 

Retention is an important factor for any office, you want to keep your strongest staff whilst being confident to bring in trainees to create the future workforce. Feastly prides itself on giving people something else to talk about other than work, it provides social interaction between all members of staff rather than people sticking to smaller groups. It gets everyone involved, and that’s what’s so special about this catering service, it’s different. 

You could use Feastly as a treat for your employees, giving them a week of fresh, tasty food after a great few months or you could choose to incorporate their menus and make it a daily occurrence, and with the variety of menus to choose from there won’t ever be a day where something is the same as the last. 

What’s even better is that Feastly will take care of all of the preparation and aftermath, meaning you and your employees can go back to work, refuelled and happy, whilst the Feastly team will return your office space back to normal for the afternoon ahead. 

Free Food?

The great thing about Feastly’s office delivery is that your employees will get to enjoy free food every-time a delivery is made. 

Saying that, someone needs to pay the bill, and that’s where you as a business owner needs to consider a few aspects. Although there are initial expenses to this service, Feastly promote a long-term approach to their delivery service. Just like many other things in life, to succeed, you need to make some sacrifices. The cost of the delivery service should be incorporated into the training and retention budget of your office. 

Thinking of the long-term benefits of a lunch delivery system might be a hard one to grasp for those who aren’t used to it. However, it’s clear to see the positive impact that a communal, social event can have on staff members. It pushes motivation, determination and brings back that spark that some colleagues may have lost over the years, it gets your team engaging, socialising with each other, and making the work place a more positive place to be. 

So, no, technically it’s not free food, but it is a great investment opportunity, after all, it’s the people that run your business and make profits. 

In a world where business can be cut-throat, and profits mean everything, sometimes it’s important to stand back and tap into the people who are behind the scenes, making everything work. Something as small as an office food delivery service can make all the difference to the people who work 9-5 every week, often being left feeling unappreciated and uninspired. Feastly is designed to make changes, through the common interest of food, creating a revolution of communal working and tearing down the workplace barricades that have stood for decades before. 

Feastly is based in London, a bustling and ever-growing city, where thousands of people clock in for their office shifts every single day. If Feastly is something that you’d like to find out more about or would like to get your office revitalised today, then head over to Feastly – Office Lunch Catering in London. 

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