Saving Money On Your Boiler Service Cost

Boiler Service Cost

One of the often most overlooked areas of home maintenance is boiler servicing. Usually, this penny only begins to drop once the winter months start creeping in. By that time, however, problems with the central heating have probably already begun to make themselves known, and without proper boiler cover, you might find yourself in a pretty cold situation. 

“But I’ve got home insurance, surely it’s fine?” I hear you say…

Well, you may think that, but often, a lot of home insurance doesn’t actually cover the cost of things like central heating cover or the costs of your annual boiler service. It almost certainly won’t cover the costs of one-off repairs on your boiler, which can be costly, even if only a small job. This is one of the reasons why it’s so it’s crucial to do your homework on boiler service costs and get the best value for your money when it comes to this particular aspect of home care.

Cost isn’t actually the only factor to take into consideration here though. Yes, you want to save money where you can, but when it comes to the safety and maintenance of such fundamental home equipment, you need to rely on a quality service that will ensure no corners are cut. 

Ensuring your boiler cover is sorted might seem like an added hassle that you might not want to deal with, but the risks of not staying gas safe aren’t worth thinking about either. The fact that it’s an additional thing to consider when doing your home insurance is one of the main reasons this key service gets overlooked.

It’s absolutely vital though that you take your boiler maintenance seriously; having one that stops working, or even worse, becomes a gas safety risk, doesn’t bear thinking about.

That’s why having a company like Hometree is really useful should you ever find yourself in need of boiler maintenance or other home care crises. 

Hometree provides a three-in-one service to help you maintain and repair any issues with your heating, boiler and home care. Instead of having to use multiple providers for different aspects of your central heating and gas boiler service, Hometree can help save costs by managing all of these repairs in one go.

If you’ve ever found yourself asking the plumber who’s working on your radiators to fix the problem with your boiler, only for them to turn around and tell you that you need a gas safe registered engineer to do it, then you’ll understand why this point matters!

Hometree offers a great all-in-one solution for both homeowners, landlords and tenants alike. What’s more is that they operate nationwide, with local points of contact who can get out to you within 24 hours of your call. This is great news if you’ve ever found yourself suddenly stuck with no heating or hot water and need a repair done as soon as possible. They price-match their packages against British Gas, as well as providing a ‘no price-hike promise’. 

boiler service cost hometree plans

There is a range of plans available to homeowners. You can pay a monthly fee for either singular boiler care, singular heating care (including the boiler package), or for the full package of home care, which includes boiler, heating, drains, plumbing and home electrics. There’s also the option to purchase any of these packages annually, which will save you up to an extra 5%!

If you are a landlord, then ensuring the gas safety of your properties is paramount. Additionally, you want to make sure that your tenants are warm and have hot water throughout the winter months, as this tends to be the time when most plumbing and heating faults tend to rear their freezing cold heads. The last thing you want is unhappy tenants, so using a company that can provide an all-in-one solution will save you a lot of stress in the long term. 

Landlord care plans through Hometree also come with a free gas safety certificate along with the annual boiler check as well as checks of all gas appliances in your properties. Ensuring that your properties are compliant with the gas safe register requirements is vital, so if you are a landlord, make sure you don’t overlook this when planning your property maintenance and repair costs.

Another point to consider is that inevitably, some homes will have much older boilers and central heating systems than others. In the past, once your boiler outgrew its warranty, it used to be that it became more and more expensive to maintain as it aged. With Hometree, all boilers are covered, regardless of age, and if there’s a problem they can’t fix, they offer 15% off the cost of a new boiler. That’s a pretty strong guarantee, and definitely worth looking into if you’re in a home with an older central heating system, as they can be really costly to repair and replace otherwise.

Ultimately, there’s nothing quite like the peace of mind you get when you know your home is covered for all possible incidents. Problems with pipes and radiators can occur all year round, but it tends to be during the winter months that they really have the biggest impact; usually when you need hot water and heating the most! By planning ahead for the winter in this way, you’ll be able to save money on your boiler service as well as any unexpected problems with pipes, central heating or even electrics. 

It’s really important to save money on the costs of running your home wherever possible, but scrimping on your gas safety should never be one of your cost-cutting measures. Fortunately, with services from companies like Hometree, there are now ways you can factor your annual boiler service cost into your ongoing home maintenance plan, and not have to worry about what to do if things suddenly stop working. 

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