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10 Amazing Online jobs for Students

online jobs for students

Being a student at University can be one of the greatest times of your life. However, being a skint Student can really take it down a notch or two!

For a lot of students they will go and get jobs in bars or find some zero hour work in a shop but there are now so many great ways you can earn easy money using just your laptop and with that in mind I thought I would share 10 online jobs for students to earn money from home to make things a LOT easier on the finances.

Sure you might have money for the first week or two but before you know it Freshers Week has gone by and you’ve spent what spare money you did have on various club nights seeing old boy bands from 2005 perform again and are living off nothing but beans by week 3 of your course and browsing our guide on how to go the Cinema for FREE just to have a night out.

In this guide to online jobs for students, I’ve deliberately kept away from the likes of online surveys or mystery shopping. If it doesn’t pay well for your time then I haven’t included it on this list.

Get £5 for free TODAY with Curve Card

What can £5 get you these days as a student? Well, a handful of drinks at the Uni bar, a selection of frozen pizzas or maybe some much needed toilet roll!

This is an easy 1 time deal right off the bat. You can grab £5 for free just by signing up to Curve Card. We’ve covered them in depth before on the blog a Curve Card lets you keep all your existing debit and credit cards in your wallet and just use one! You can flick between the cards you want to use via their smartphone app and it’s a great way to spend your money.

To grab the free £5 you simple order a new Curve Card for free. Once it arrives in the post a few days later you then just need to change the pin number at an ATM and £5 will be applied to your account and you can then use that ANYWHERE online or offline that accepts Mastercard!

It really is as simple as that!

Rating Social Media Content with Crisp Thinking

online jobs for students crisp thinking

No! Not those type of crisps!

Crisp Thinking is a company that help protect brands on social media. They offer the chance for people to work as ‘Risk Analysts’ for them from home. You can apply to work for them by clicking here and you will then have to take part in a test where you will get a chance to show you have an understanding of how social media can be damaging to various brands. Once qualified and selected the earning potential is HUGE with them. You work as and when you want and there are people on The Money Shed forum who are making £800+ a month from this alone!

If Social Media rating isn’t your thing then you can apply to work as a Web Search Evaluator with Appen which pays above the UK Minimum wage as you help improve the results the search engines give out.

Risk Free Matched Betting

online jobs for students matched betting

This is one that always crops up when it comes to discussing ways to make money online and that’s because it can bring in thousands of pounds for you with very little manual work! I’ve been doing it a number of years now and have made over £40,000 from matched betting so far which has paid for holidays, a new car and a conservatory!

Matched Betting is a way you can use math to take advantage of all the free bet offers you see from bookies and it’s because of this math that it is risk free! We’ve written a 7000+ word Beginner’s Guide to Matched Betting but the best way to get started is to sign up to the free trial with Profit Accumulator and you’ll make around £45 and have your hand held throughout as you are given instructions and videos for each offer you do.

It’s a great way to make money as each offer only takes a few minutes to do once you are used to it and for any of your math students you will no doubt enjoy the ‘numbers game’ involved in doing it!

Use Fluidstack to earn money from your spare computing power and earn up to $50 a month passive income

online jobs for students matched betting

With all the laptop offers you see from the likes of Amazon, PC World and Apple more often than not students in their first year will have a beast of a laptop which can be slight overkill if all you are doing is a bit of work and watching YouTube!

So why not earn some money from all that spare computing power! Fluidstack uses the spare computing power you have (ie, the bits of processor you aren’t using when you are doing whatever you are doing) and uses that to help power other parts of the Internet.

The software is VERY easy to setup and there are now even more opportunities to earn as you can use your spare computing power to help with cloud gaming, and video transcoding!

High Paying online studies with Respondent

online jobs for students respondent

Got an opinion on something? Well why not earn from it! Respondent are a company that let you apply for what are essentially 1-on-1 online focus groups. When you apply you will answer a handful of questions about how you feel about a particular subject and then if you are chosen a few hours later you will get an email invite giving you the chance to book in and do the online chat. The pay on these online studies with Respondent is fantastic with the majority paying over $100 for around 30-40mins of chatting to someone via webcam and I’ve even seen ones on there paying over $250!

Earn money using Smartphone Task Apps like BeMyEye / Roamler

online jobs for students roamler

This one will sadly involve you leaving the house but any kind of exercise is a positive isn’t it!

Smartphone Task Apps have been around for a number of years and are now more popular than ever. You are paid per task, usually around £5+ for going to a location or store near you, taking a few photos (more often than not incognito), answering a handful of questions on the app and that’s it!

The great thing is you can do as much or as little of this work as you want. A seasoned professional on The Money Shed earns thousands of pounds on these money making apps just by organising his day and doing the work in ‘loops’ so he will maybe plan to do 4 or 5 stores in one session before returning home.

The main players in this sector are the likes of BeMyEye and Roamler. Both of which are available on Apple and Android. £5 for a few minutes work is a great rate of pay and as you get going with the apps you will find some task pay a LOT more. Recently BeMyEye had work for a well known UK Bookie store where you went in, placed as small £2 bet, took a photo or two and got paid £20 per store so the money is there if you want to earn it.

Sell your skills online with PeoplePerHour and Fiverr

They always say that everyone has got a skill! Being a student it could be something to do with writing or creativity or maybe you are a bit of a wizz when it comes to coding!

Whatever your skill you can make money by selling it on sites like PeoplePerHour and Fiverr. You simply list what you want to offer and attach a price and people all over the world will then hire your services. This is a great way to get into Data Entry Work you can do from home as well!

My advice on this one is to maybe underprice your skills for the first few sales so that you can get some customers under your belt and more importantly, some positive feedback against your profile!

Once potential buyers see you are a trusted seller (much like on eBay!) you will find it is far easier for you to get clients!

Start your own Blog

There are more online entrepreneurs out there than ever and more often than not they started out by running their own blog.

Creating your own ‘space’ on the Internet from which to earn money has never been easier. I’ve written a guest post elsewhere covering how to set up your blog in under 15 minutes!

Once your creative juices have started flowing you can use our completely FREE Online Blogging Course, Totally Blogging. This will take you through setting up your first blog all the way to earning the absolute most you can from it!

The earning potential with blogs LIMITLESS and with so many ways you can earn money from your content it’s a fantastic way to make money and is one of the best online jobs for students around as you can easily fit it around your studies.

Teach “English” online with Education First

online jobs for students education first

This is a fantastic way to earn money and one that can easily be fitted around your courses and even ramped up a bit more during the holidays away from University.

Working for Education First is mainly aimed at students who are studying to work within Teaching as they want you to have a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) qualification or be working towards one when you sign up to work for them.

Classes typically last around 25 minutes and you will be teaching kids aged 6-10 in a one-on-one online ‘class’ environment.

You are paid between £9.35 and £11.48 per hour with bonuses also available so it’s a great way to top up the coffers as a student before you start full time teaching after you graduate.

Get Paid to review Websites

Have you ever got frustrated with how some of your favourite websites are designed? Maybe there is a bit of functionality that you know is missing and would make using the website a heck of a lot easier!

Well now it’s time to get paid for those thoughts!

Companies such as Intellizoom and TestingTime give you the chance to put forward your thoughts about specific websites. You typically do this via a webcam with some screen recording software as you go through a clients website and talk out loud about how you find the whole experience.

The websites you are asked to review can be anything from a UK high street chain, online banking or even one for a holiday company.

Payment ranges from £8-£30 per site depending on the company and client but it’s a great way not only earn some money from your laptop as a university student but you can feel you are making a real difference when the changes you’ve mentioned get implemented further down the track.

10 Amazing Online Jobs for Students

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